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Alewerks Brewing Company

Alewerks Brewing Company,

Williamsburg’s Oldest Brewery

Alewerks Brewing Company opened in 2006, and with a gift shop filled with glassware and other products, there will be plenty to remind you of the visit.

Quality People and Quality History

What happens when a man who’s traveled all over the East Coast playing gigs and delighting countless people with rock and pop perfection decides to take that same desire to entertain and please into a brewery? The answer’s simple. The answer is Alewerks Brewing Company. Geoff Logan is still making music but this time is music that hits the taste buds directly. As the brewmaster and managing director of the brewery, it’s Geoff’s vision that guides not only the remarkable offerings you can find in the Alewerks taproom but also the entire direction of the company. You’re certain to love what you’ll find here.

Chuck Haines secured the location in 2005. He’d long been a proponent of fine beer but before that, he had a long career in the U. S. Army and then a successful career in small business entrepreneurialism. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for starting Williamsburg Alewerks, which was later renamed as Alewerks Brewing Company. Chuck retired at the end of 2015 but his spirt still imbues everything that happens in the business. His energy and drive made Alewerks what is it today, and his commitment to the vision keeps him close so even though he’s retired he still maintains active mentoring and consulting to make sure the company he founded remains the brewery it ought to be.

Plenty of Fun at Alewerks

Of course, you’ll want to pick up a great variety of the beers when you visit Alewerks but don’t just stop in and leave. A great many things can capture your attention and make your visit worthwhile. Alewerks is often referred to as Williamsburg’s Hometown Brewery and it makes a lot of sense. For a beer lover, Alewerks can definitely feel like home, if home has the best beer, food, and entertainment available!

Sundays feature live music in the afternoons so you can relax with some of the best craft beer Williamsburg has to offer and hear wonderful local, regional, and national acts performing just for you. Music comes on Fridays as well so there’s always entertainment available while you enjoy the magical mixture of hops and grain.

Wednesday nights are trivia nights at the taproom. It starts at 7pm. Teams of up to six show their smarts through five rounds of trivia. Want to prove you have the best intellect? Well, the top three teams win prizes when the superior minds are finally decided but all through the night there are bonus prized and drink specials. Do you have the brains for it? Come find out! You’ll be glad you did.

On Saturdays, Alewerks plays host to various gourmet food trucks. You might find Foodatude there, the extraordinarily well-reviewed gourmet truck that boasts of food with an attitude. You might find youself able to sample the culinary delights of Offbeat Eats, a truck that offers a two-sided menu with one side focusing on easily accessible comfort food and the other more exciting, offbeat fare. One thing is certain. On Saturdays at Alewerks Brewing Company, you’ll never go hungry!

Of course, a visit to Alewerks is wonderful even if there aren’t any scheduled events. With brewery tours, picnic space, and private tastings, there is always something for the craft beer enthusiast to enjoy.

The Beer

Of course, you go to a craft brewery taproom for the beer, and Alewerks has incredible craft beers. At any given time, there are up to sixteen beers on tap, and with an incredible half-pound soft pretzel made to order, the perfect complement is just a request away. Of course, Alewerks offers great seasonal beers as well as historical recipes. Their small batch treats are certain to please and you’ll want to seriously consider one of the brewmasters’ reserve offerings. The choices available at the taproom will make it possible for you to enjoy your visit no matter your tastes. You will always find great variety to choose from but you’ll always find these year round offerings.

With fabulous people and a well-established reputation, Alewerks Brewing company is a necessary stop for any craft beer enthusiast visiting Williamsburg. Come in, sit awhile, enjoy the pours, and have a great time.

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